The Violators

This entry from the UK was screened on the first press day for the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival. It is clear from the very beginning that writer/director Helen Walsh is going to make our heroine earn every bit of happiness that she can wring from her misbegotten life.

We watch:
  • Lauren McQueen (Lots of TV) Shelly is half of a mis-matched pair of teenagers who are on a collision course. She is trying to look out for her little brother, Jerome, while stealing and swindling enough to keep them fed and clothed. This lovely young actress looks so much like Kristen Stewart ("Twilight") it's spooky!
  • Brogan Ellis ("Waterloo Road") Rachel confused me. Is she a stalker? Is she a defiant teenager? Is she a troublemaker? Wait until you find out!
  • Stephen Lord (Lots of TV) Mikey spells trouble for BOTH girls.
  • Derek Barr (Lots of TV) Andy is trying to be a protective big brother to Shelly and Jerome. If only their abusive father would stay in jail!
  • Liam Ainsworth ("Marvellous") Keiran lives right across the street from our little group of siblings. He can fix bicycles so Jerome likes him!
I try to avoid bleak stories in harsh environments, so this one didn't appeal to me as much as it did to other SIFF members. I had a problem with a destitute young lady who could afford marijuana, fingernail polish, great jackets and lots of makeup. I know, I know... Picky...