So have all you trendy folks investigated the Paleo diet? Have I got a surprise for YOU! According to this fascinating (but icky!) documentary from the Netherlands (in English, no captions), the main source of protein for your diet should be grubs, larvae and bugs. The 2016 Seattle International Film Festival press screening audience watched this yuck- fest - oops, I mean "This Gastronomic Adventure with Nordic Food Lab by Andreas  Johnsen" in stunned silence.

We traveled to Denmark, Kenya, Mexico, Japan, Australia, and Uganda, where our spokesmen were hosted by local folks who showed them what their people have eaten for thousands of years. Our hosts pointed out that the food Europeans are acclimated to prefer, causes obesity, cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening ailments. They are convinced we can do better.

Our hosts:
  • Ben Reade is an articulate chef with analytical taste buds. He could "taste a little macadamia nut flavor going on" in some of the larvae he ate. He is concerned that their research will show the world many new possibilities, at which time big corporations will step in and make enormous profits.
  • Josh Evans is a willing sidekick who becomes the spokesperson. Watch him reach into an ant hill with both arms covered in ants. We can see them climbing under his shirt and on his face before he starts eating them. As I said..."Yuck fest."
  • Roberto Flore looks as skeptical as I feel. He is very, very hesitant to "harvest" poisonous wasps, but like chefs everywhere, knows that with enough garlic, ginger and herbs, just about anything is edible. In my opinion, that's the secret of escargot!
Based on the speed with which sushi bars have become universally accepted in the Western hemisphere, the folks at the Nordic Food Lab are positive that other, more traditionally repulsive food will outgrow the "ick" factor and become a food source for the estimated 12 BILLION people expected to populate our earth by 2050.

The UN has recommended edible insects be investigated as a possible food source. The US has yet to decide. This one is for foodies.