The 2016 Seattle International Film Festival welcomed this wonderful film from Spain and Argentina; it features one of my favorite Argentinian actors plus a doleful Mastiff named "Truman."

This third film presented for our press screenings was a huge hit. It has comedy, pathos, lovely scenery and is a sort of "road" movie. There is a huge issue at the center of this plot and I can't tell you what it is or it would be a spoiler.

We joined:
  • Javier Camára ("Talk to Her") Our hero Tomás has heard some important news and leaves his wife and family in Canada to visit his long-time friend in Spain. They had been chums in their youth
  • Ricardo Darin ("Wild Tales") Julian is the friend whom our hero goes to visit. He has confronted a life-changing issue and made up his mind.
  • Dolores Fonzi ("The Film Critic") Paula is smack dab in the middle of the issue. She doesn't agree with Julian but his decision is set and she can't get him to budge.
  • Alex Brendemühl ("Twice Upon a Time in the West") is the veterinario. His wonderful face registers all of the reactions we in the audience feel.
  • Javier Gutiérrez ("The Olive Tree") Asesor funeraria has to find out if Julian prefers burial or a cremation. See, I can't tell you any more....
  • Oriol Pla ("All the Ways of God") Julian's son Nico will have his birthday in a day or so. His father shouldn't overlook it.
  • Troilo (In his first starring role) Truman, our eponymous mastiff, is a beloved pet. His human Julian cherishes him and wants to make sure his life goes on as smoothly as possible.
There are so many surprises I hesitate to tell you very much for fear that I'll do spoilers without meaning to. Just see this one, okay?