Paul a Quebec

The Seattle International Film Festival is honored to host the US premiere of this wry French Canadian dramedy (English captions) from Québec. Be prepared to witness a happy family with no betrayals, no infidelities, no rebellious children and secure relationships. Everything is photographed with great attention to detail and authenticity.

Writer/director François Bouvier brings Michel Rabagliati's popular graphic novel "The Song of Roland" to the screen. We see a graphic designer/cartoonist cope with the ill health of his father-in-law as he, his long-time partner and their daughter join the rest of the enormous (and joyful) Beaulieus clan at the family home. I love the morning tooth- brushing montage!

It's the summer of 1999. We are in Montreal...

Our two main characters:
  • François Létourneau - Paul works in a print shop, sings in a neighborhood choir, enjoys his partner and their precocious little girl. When the print shop goes digital, we laugh at the familiar problems that surface. It's even worse when they get a computer for their home.
  • Gilbert Sicotte - Roland hasn't told his family the truth about his ailment although his wife knows. This actor does a terrific job showing us the various stages of illness. Flashbacks explain why he is such a terrific husband, father and grandfather.
It's clear that Roland and his wife adore their three daughters and their offspring. This family is functional, as opposed to dysfunctional. Shocker!