What's On Your Plate?

This 2009 Seattle International Film Festival selection features two 11-year-old students who investigate the sources of the food they eat. One of them is already borderline diabetic and her friend is concerned about the school cafeteria food and where it originates. They are surprised to see 100% fruit juice is a mix of juices from international suppliers, so they calculate the distances these items must be transported in order to be sold here. This prompts them to begin to question the logic.

This glorified after-school special takes us to their cafeteria, the mercados in their neighborhood, farmers' markets, and nearby truck farms. They interview doctors, local government officials, parents, families, cafeteria workers, members of collective farm groups and generally build a case that Americans would be better off eating locally grown, organic food.


Post Script: The 2009 SIFF evaluators also seemed to see this as a well-intentioned after-school special...