Lovely Loneliness

This 2009 SIFF Argentinean selection, "Amorosa soledad," is, to me, all teapot, no tempest.

We see a young woman who, given her income, clearly should be living at subsistence level, instead living a life of relative comfort and ease; evidently her well-to-do parents help her out. The movie begins when she has just been jilted. She vows to remain celibate for the next three years. Naturally in very short order she meets an appealing young man and immediately forgets her vow. In the meantime we watch her behavior: She shops for medical equipment, e.g., blood pressure gauges and thermometers, like other young women shop for shoes; she visits the doctor so often we start to suspect she is a hypochondriac; she visits a new hospital and tells the receptionist that she is "just looking."

Her business partners are more forgiving than she deserves and I personally became totally out of patience with her malingering.

The production values are top notch and the actors are appealing. I only wish the story had some substance...

Post Script: The 2009 SIFF evaluators voted this film to the (just barely) positive side of their scorecards.