Next Day Air

This is one I debated reviewing, primarily because I didn't want to admit to you folks that I had seen it, and secondarily, because the language was soooo vile it was hard to tolerate; but I reconsidered, primarily because it is an excellent cautionary tale about the consequences of getting involved in drug trafficking, and secondarily, because there are some very funny performances.

Based on the cast and the poster, I expected a comedy. Little did I know that it would be such a dark, dark, dark comedy! I saw familiar faces:

  • Donald Faison ("Clueless" and "Scrubs") is the hapless stoner who bungles the delivery of a package.
  • Mike Epps ("Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins") is the delighted recipient of the misdirected delivery.
  • Debbie Allen (LOTS of TV) plays the stoner's mother, who tries to get him on the straight and narrow.
  • Mos Def ("Cadillac Records") is the droll co-worker who also works for the eponymous delivery company.

The plot centers around one ill-fated delivery: the ones who sent it; the ones who delivered it; the ones who expected it; the ones who actually received it.

You see a bungled bank robbery, hear LOTS of profanity, see truly repugnant violence and occasionally laugh at the stupidity of the two recipients. I think they were trying for a sort of low-budget "Pulp Fiction." In my opinion, I didn't see nearly enough of Mos Def, as I have admired his work for a long time ("Something the Lord Made," "Hitchhiker's Guide..." and "The Italian Job"); more of his presence might have elevated the film. Then again, maybe not...

There! I admitted it.