I Know You Know

SIFF has booked a dandy with this one!

We see a hero-worshiping boy, played by Aaron Fuller in his first film, who suspects his father, played by Robert Carlyle ("The Full Monty"), is an espionage agent for MI6. It's fun to see this Welch boy emulate his father's actions, e.g., when Dad sits with his legs crossed, the boy mirrors him; when Dad smokes a cigarette, the boy waves a lollypop with the same motions.

As this thrilling story progresses, we, who are sitting in the audience, are a little ahead of the boy, as doubt starts to creep in. Whether or not it is true and how to cope with it is the crux of this poignant and involving movie.

Post Script: The 2009 SIFF evaluators placed this film on the plus side of their scores...not too far, but positive, just the same.