Food Inc

No NEW news, and no GOOD news...well, maybe a little good news for SIFF attendees. More about that in a minute...

As expected, we are treated to the stomach-churning realities of food production in this country. The movie isn't quite as bloody as I feared but dwelled instead on the incredibly deep pockets of the major food producers and how they manipulate regulations, laws and, by extension, the health (and wealth) of American citizens.

The interviews are excellent, with personable, attractive and articulate participants who range from a mother who lost her son to e-coli a few years ago, to a (young and thriving) "old-fashioned farmer" who feeds his cattle on grass and lets his chickens range freely.

One former hippie says he got tired of being David and decided to become Goliath. His victory: Getting Walmart to start carrying organic milk products via consumer requests. (See? I told you there would be some good news.)

This is an involving project with an excellent soundtrack. I couldn't help but notice that the music varied widely: from hoedown sounds when visiting a supermarket dairy case with its "farm-fresh" products, to a hard-edged selection as we viewed nothing but metal pipes in one of the factories. The music always related to the images on the screen.

Yup, it preaches to the choir, but is watchable and informative.