Cloud 9

"Wolke Neun" features Ursula Werner, Horst Rehberg and Horst West- phal and is directed by Andreas Dresen. This geriatric eternal triangle was notable in its glacial pace, the ordinary appearances of the actors and the authenticity they brought to their roles. The German actors were terrific...and fearless. The lovemaking was as realistic as I've ever seen on film and there is LOT of nudity.

This 2009 SIFF drama brings us the classic lover's quandary, but these aren't glamorous movie stars who look like glamorous movie stars, these are mature people in their 60s and 70s who look every day of their age. Our frumpy heroine is a seamstress who personally delivers an alter- ation job to a nice-looking widower's home. He takes delivery of the pants, puts them on to make sure they fit, and takes them right back off again! Thus our story begins...

This is a little domestic drama that rings true with every speech, every action and every reaction. (This German film has English captions.) No one is a bad guy, no one is a good guy; I could feel myself taking sides depending on who was talking: the dialogue captured both points of view. Also notable was the easy domesticity of a 30-years-married couple. (For example, at one point they are separated, but she starts doing the dishes after a grandchild's birthday party. He brings in the rest of the dirty dishes, puts them in the sink for her, then automatically picks up a towel and starts drying as they share observations about the family.)

I guess life is messy and unpredictable, no matter what your age or situation, so bring it on!