Is Anybody There?

This lightweight little trifle would be totally overlooked had not Michael Caine ("Miss Congeniality," an Academy Award for "The Cider House Rules," and the "Batman" franchise) agreed to star in it. He plays Clarence, an elderly magician, recently retired, who comes to an assisted living home, "temporarily!" The home is run by a young down-on-their luck couple who have ousted their ten-year-old son Edward from his bedroom in order to accommodate another paying guest.

Edward, capably played by Bill Milner ("Son of Rambow") is fascinated by the idea of life after death, so he places a tape recorder under the bed whenever one of their residents is dying, hoping to satisfy his curiosity.

The youthful Edward and the elderly Clarence start out at odds, but of course, find a common ground in magical tricks combined with magical thinking.

This slight little movie is predictable, the elderly actors are believable, and there were no major surprises. ...Well...maybe the guillotine trick. All in all, this is a nice film and my time was well spent.