The Battle for Terra

"Can’t we all just get along?"

That seems to be the underlying theme of this 3-D animated film. Some top-drawer talent was signed up to provide the voices for this well-meaning project, I just wish it had been more involving.

Among the well-known voices, you will hear:
  • James Garner ("The Notebook") as the kindly leader of this quasi-aquatic seeming civilization (except they "swim" in the atmosphere, not in water).
  • Evan Rachel Wood ("The Upside of Anger") is the adolescent heroine of this drama.
  • Chris Evans ("The Nanny Diaries") is part of an attack force trying to conquer the planet (which they have optimistically named "Terra"), because Earth was blown apart and humans need a new place to live.
  • Brian Cox ("Zodiac") is the "take-no-prisoners" general of the human attack force that has targeted this peace-loving civilization. However, the occupants of this planet are not naïve, so they DO have some means to try to fight off invaders, they just aren't very sophisticated.
  • Danny Glover ("Gospel Hill") tries to be the voice of reason.

There are many more celebrity voices, but suffice it to say, this movie may entertain the kiddies, but the adults may feel less than satisfied. Expect lots of 3-D blowie uppie stuff, clean language, no romance, family loyalty and a happy ending.