Everything Strange and New

Ennui on a stick!

This 2009 SIFF entry from the weird and wonderful foreign land of SoCal was a tough one to endure! First of all there was a mumbled voiceover that sent a number of people scurrying from the theatre scarcely before it had begun. The voiceover evidently contained some humor because a lucky few actually chuckled occasionally. I felt if I stuck it out, I should be able to get the gist of the thing by watching the action and (maybe) reading a few lips.

Ugh! I was treated to a disaffected husband and father who seemed numb from the shoulders up! He didn't have any complaints about his wife, his children, his house or his parents and he seemed to like his job, his co-workers and his boss. So what the HELL was his problem!

We watched him get a couple of blow jobs (one of which was from his wife...), read bedtime stories to his boys, council his boss to quit shooting cocaine, and periodically appear in clown makeup. I finally realized that he wasn't REALLY in clown makeup, he just FELT that way. What a self- centered, self-pitying, selfish pain in the patootie!

If you insist on watching this thing, wait for the DVD, then be sure it has captions!

Post Script: The 2009 SIFF judges disliked this as much as I!