This fantastical comedy was submitted to the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival by France (English captions). It's about a quiet, unassuming construction worker who has super powers after he is exposed to water. This tends to isolate him.

Directed by Thomas Salvador (several short films) with a script from a collaboration of three writers, our press screeners were amused by the ways he uses his powers, e.g., a stubborn wall will NOT collapse no matter how hard they pound on it. After everyone has left for the evening, he gets himself soaked, then just pushes it down.

We enjoyed:
  • Thomas Salvador as our hero Vincent, who helps a co-worker in trouble by throwing a concrete mixer on his assailants' car. Is that illegal? In any event, this prompts the police to try to nab him.
  • Vimala Pons is Lucie, a friendly woman who gives him the world's longest caress. Looks like fun!
  • Youssef Hajdi is Driss, the man Vincent had to rescue from that beating. He in turn tries to help him elude those pesky police.
  • Nicolas Jaillet plays Lieutenant Le Brec, who is trying to figure out what the devil is going on. He has seen this guy porposing in the water and he has seen how powerful he can be, but he's not sure if Vincent is dangerous or not.
It's fun to watch Vincent swim. As his abilities grow, he swims faster and faster until he resembles a porpoise, arcing in and out of the water. And watch him come out of a swimming pool. Wow!