Senza Nessuna Pieta

Mimmo is the kind of guy you don't want to meet in a dark alley. We meet him when Director Michele Alhaique (nominated Best Film - Venice Film Festival) brings this award-winning entry from Italy for the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival (English captions).

We see a burly guy who provides "enforcement" for his boss. He is irreproachably loyal but things start to waver when a violent confrontation occurs as he defends a beautiful young "working girl."

Here is the cast:
  • Pierfrancesco Favino (The Pasinetti Award - Special Mention at the Venice Film Festival), is our tough guy, Mimmo. He rarely speaks, but his eyes tell us all we need to know.
  • Greta Scarano is Tania, the upbeat hooker called in to help his employer's son "party." She is more than willing until Manual starts to degrade her.
  • Claudio Gio√® plays Roscio, Mimmo's loyal friend, but unfortunately that doesn't protect Tania!
  • Adriano Giannini is Manuel, who is a nasty, spoiled misogynist.
  • Iris Paynado is the loyal Pilar whom Mimmo can trust because this cleaning lady folds his towels v-e-r-y carefully...smile...
This plot unfolds with painful deliberation. Before too long, we know where we are going and are riveted by Mimmo's dilemma. We root for him all the way.