Not All is Vigil

"No todo es Vigilia" is an award-winning documentary from Spain (English captions). Director Hermes Paralluelo has filmed this homage to his elderly grandparents and submitted the result to the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival. The 2015 Palm Springs International Film Festival awarded Hermes Paralluelo the Cine Latino Award, Special Mention.

We see:
  • Antonia Paralluelo - married for what seems to be a lifetime, now he's worried that his frail wife will no longer be able to live independently.
  • Felisa Lou - always the helpmate, now this octogenarian has become fearful that they will be sent to a nursing home.
This turned into the biggest snooze of the day. We were startled from our naps when the alarm on their clock radio malfunctioned. Everything is in slow motion, with our elderly woman walking endless hospital corridors in solitude, then later her patient husband climbing in and out of bed in S-L-O-W motion to answer her summons during the night.

One of our screeners enjoyed it, saying "Consciousness is fluid..." but most of us were relieved when this glacial endurance test was over. I think this one is Artistic.