For Grace

Here we see how one Home Ec teacher transformed the life of a school boy. The 2015 Seattle International Film Festival welcomes this documentary from the United States. Directed by Mark Helenowski, we watch an ambitious chef prepare to open a new restaurant in Chicago.

Is he too ambitious? Is the daunting project too expensive? Is the floor space adequate? Are there too many delays? Will his partners stay with the project until completion?

We focus on:
  • Curtis Duffy, the charismatic young chef who is always well groomed, fit, calm, and organized. We visit the family crisis in his adolescence that could have derailed him. We appreciate his burgeoning career and share his shock when he learns that every chair in his new place will cost $1,000.00 apiece!
  • Michael Muser is the loyal and eloquent friend, advisor, investor and long-time partner who is on this journey with him. As time passes (the opening date is nine months late!) and they finally are training both kitchen and wait staff, he has become so fond of everyone he chokes up. All he can say is "Do good!"
  • Ruth Snider is the happy teacher who has provided moral support all these years. She knows the sacrifices Curtis has made and is absolutely bubbling over with pride at his accomplishments.
We learn a LOT about high-end restaurants, e.g., the loyal wait staff is prepped about who has reservations for the evening, where they will sit, their personal likes and dislikes, plus any allergies or personal quirks. The entire staff is focused on seeing Grace (the new restaurant's name) not only succeed, but prevail! It's so nice to have people to root for.