Sleeping With Other People

Maybe the title gives some of the plot away, ya think?

If we have an irresistible force (a serial cheater) meet an immovable object (a womanizer), something's gotta give (Sorry, Johnny Mercer). Then after they develop a platonic friendship that lasts over the years through many failed relationships, do we even have to wonder what might happen? Nah...

This lightweight romance from the USA was featured at the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival. Written and directed by Leslye Headland ("Bachelorette") this predictable bit of froth is engaging enough to enlist a top-tier cast willing to say all those anatomical terms that pass for dialogue in a romantic comedy these days. I know, I know, I sound like a stuffy old poop, but I really didn't need masturbation lessons demonstrated on an empty plastic beverage container. Based on scenes like this, I'm guessing this will be R-rated.

Featured are:
  • Alison Brie ("The Five-Year Engagement") as Lainey. She's just a gal who can't SAY "No." Her worst weakness is that married doctor with whom she has had a relationship since college.
  • Jason Sudeikis ("Horrible Bosses 2") Jake can't HEAR "No." As a result, he has earned quite the reputation as a successful lady's man.
  • Adam Scott ("Parks and Recreation") is Jake's nemesis: a loathsome classmate in college and the married agent of Lainey's misery.
  • Natasha Lyonne ("Orange is the New Black") Kara is Lainey's wing man, full of advice and concern for Lainey.
  • Amanda Peet ("Identity Thief") is Jake's confidant boss, casting admiring glances his way, until something slips.
I think you can see where this is going after we see our two lead characters meet in college and have a one-night stand, only to encounter one another again 15 years later. When they reconnect in a 12-step program for sexual issues, the story starts to gain a bit of traction.

I did NOT like the way the men consistently talked over the women, disregarding their opinions and their points of view; that felt too familiar. I DID like the performances, particularly Brie and Sudeikis; they made an appealing couple and we ended up rooting for them.

Only movie lovers with a high tolerance for sexual situations and anatomical language need apply.