Liza, the Fox-Fairy

There is a unique type of fantastical whimsy that we occasionally see from Europe: "Amélie" (2001) comes to mind, and more recently, "Mood Indigo" (2014). For the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival, Hungary has submitted "Liza, a rókatündér" (English captions), an fantastical comedy in that same absurdest vein.

We meet a lonely young nurse who starts looking for love in all the wrong places with disastrous results. Problem is, the shade of a dead Japanese pop singer has fallen in love with her and has transformed her into a Fox-Fairy, whose lovers always die unless their love is pure and selfless. We giggle at the police captain who is determined to solve these crimes; he can only stand by in helpless frustration as he watches the mounting body count. He instructs one of his detectives to rent a room from her so he can get a closer look at this cold-blooded killer.

We start with Liza's employer/patient who accidentally kills herself. After Liza starts dating we see:
  • A widower who longs for his wife's fish prepared in maple syrup;
  • A handsome lady's man;
  • A shy fellow who hides in cabinets;
  • An eager young man who doesn't check traffic;
  • The list goes on and on until we have at least eight victims!
While she is upgrading her clothes, her hair, and her shoes, she is quietly doing things for her renter, like mend his socks. He, in turn, fixes her light switch, her flushing tank, and does numerous other little repairs.

Our screening audience can't help but start rooting for these sweet people and we left the theater with big silly smiles on our faces.
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