Hot Pursuit

This ridiculous road movie is frantic, predictable (then unpredictable), and sorta funny. Directed by Anne Fletcher ("The Proposal"), we explore the world of drugs and dirty cops, as a bungling police officer tries to protect the widow of a drug dealer. The widow is supposed to testify in court, so our dedicated cop has to keep her alive until the trial.

We see:
  • Reese Witherspoon ("Wild") is a copper named Cooper, she's very by-the-book and uptight. Cooper is determined to honor her father's name; he too, was a police officer.
  • Sofia Vergara ("Chef") Daniella flounces through this story in a skin-tight dress, stiletto heels and a suitcase on wheels. She is NOT impressed with her police guard so she derides her at every turn for being short, blonde and flat-chested. I am not amused by insult humor.
  • John Carroll Lynch (Lots of TV) Captain Emmett is trying to help our heroine get past her latest bungle (her Taser ignited a criminal's shirt) and keep her in uniform.
  • Robert Kazinsky ("Pacific Rim") In my opinion, Randy is the nicest character in the whole movie. I wish we had seen more of him (and we saw quite a bit!).
In addition, we saw our share of rifle-toting hillbillies, vehicular mayhem, Tasers and gunfire. This is PG-13, so the language was fairly ribald, the humor was anatomical, the sexual situations were only alluded to and the pretend lesbian scene was simply not funny.

I DID like their reactions to TV news clips as reporters kept making Cooper shorter and Daniella older than they really are but there was too much emphasis on Vergara's "chestal area."

We liked the trailer better....
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