Spain submitted this award-winning drama (2015 Palm Springs Film Festival, Goya Awards 2015, and San Sebastian International Film Festival 2014) to the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival. "Loreak" is in Spanish with English captions.

Directed by Jon GaraƱo and Jose Mari Goenaga, we see the impact of a flower delivery when it happens on a regular basis AND is anonymous. We become acquainted with a variety of people who either work together or are related.

We see:
  • A construction crane operator, married to a woman with a young son.
  • His elderly mother, longing for him to father a child of his own.
  • His wife, a toll booth cashier; short tempered and impatient with her husband's family.
  • A woman who works in the construction office; she's the one who starts receiving a bouquet delivered anonymously to her home each Thursday. By the third Thursday, her fiance doesn't think it's funny anymore.
  • The fiance thinks these "malicious flowers" should be reported to the police, but what is the crime?
Most of the key plot points are unspoken but no lingering questions are left dangling by the final scene. The acting is convincing, the production design is authentic and the unpredictable story is engrossing. Most of our screening audience agreed that this one is terrific!