Am I just getting crabby? It was instantly obvious that this would have more changing partners than a square dance! This USA entry to the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival bills itself as a "sharp, character-driven drama" but I stubbornly started looking for someone to admire. Maybe I will when actors learn how to realistically handle supposedly full containers of hot coffee or tea. For some reason, that annoys me.

Written and directed by Ryan Piers Williams, we see:
  • America Ferrera ("Cesar Chavez") as Sylvia, the first and last person we see. Clearly she is from Venus and the poor guys in her orbit are from Mars. I want to emphasize however, that in my opinion, Ms. Ferrera has a charismatic screen presence and the camera loves her even when the character she plays isn't particularly sympathetic.
  • Ryan Piers Williams ("Blues") is Mark, the first Martian she alienates; she wants to talk about feelings! His agent observes that would-be scriptwriters say "I went to film school so I have to make ART!" Mark fires him.
  • Common ("LUV") is another poor Martian who drifts into Sylvia's orbit.
  • Melonie Diaz ("Fruitvale Station") as Jen, our heroine's best friend, who seems to be unemployed and uncommitted. She leaves items with lovers so she has an excuse to see them again. This actress looks totally at home on the New York City streets.
  • Danny Deferrari (Lots of TV) is Phil, who works in a coffee shop and is spotted by Jen.
  • Jon Paul Phillips ("Kilimanjaro" 2013) is so good looking it's spooky. His character is an omni-sexual kind of guy who made me think of Jude Law.
I haven't begun to itemize all of the pairings and partners in this film. At least it isn't completely predictable even though the ending left me hanging...
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Here is a clip from the film:
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