The 2014 Seattle International Film Festival received this dark, dark "comedy" which is a joint venture from the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark (English captions). We follow a twisted tale as a nasty vagrant named Borgman finds shelter in an affluent suburban home.

Director Alex van Warmerdam has seen his film awarded numerous prizes and nominated for more, including the 2013 Oscar for Foreign Language Film, so our expectations were high. Sure enough, the acting is a marvel, there are no weak performances.

We see:
  • Jan Bijvoet as our eponymous Borgman, mysterious and lethal.
  • Hadewych Minis is a hapless suburban housewife, bored and muddled.
  • Jeroen Perceval is her husband, whose job is in jeopardy and he can't help but feel jealous of Borgman.
  • Sara Hjort Ditlevsen is their Danish au pair. Her responsibility is those three children, but she has a boyfriend...and there's that gardener...
  • Elve Lijbaart is the youngest of the three children. If you aren't too young, you may remember "The Bad Seed" that starred Patty McCormack... That's all I'm gonna say.
Be warned, this is billed as "an exploration of evil" ...among other things... Our dissatisfied screening audience laughed as we exited the theater because we were left hanging....

YOYO! (You're On Your Own)
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Here is a preview:
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