The Congress

What was that about? About 122 minutes, THAT's what! And that's 122 minutes of my life I will never get back!

This big-budget bunch of baloney poses as an intellectual exploration of Self, Art, Life, Death, Love, Parenting and How to Pull the Wool Over the Eyes of Investors. This is an entry from Israel/France/USA to the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival. It has won awards but not from ME!

An ageing actress, Robin Wright, cleverly plays an ageing actress named Robin Wright who is offered "one last contract" by Miramount (with an entry gate exactly like that of Paramount). This will entitle the studio to use her computerized image in countless movies in perpetuity, thus giving her immortality, perpetual youth and a hefty bankroll.

We watch:
  • Robin Wright ("House of Cards") playing Robin Wright, an ageless beauty known for her artistic snits and huffy departures from expensive projects. These cost the studios millions and the studios do NOT forget!
  • Harvey Keitel ("The Grand Budapest Hotel") as Al, her agent. He explains that she is notorious for her bad choices: her jobs, her lovers, her husband, and even her mother, so she may as well sign that contract.
  • Danny Huston ("Wrath of the Titans") is Miramount's Jeff, who brutally reminds her of her age, her fading looks and her soon-to-expire shelf life.
We also meet her children (the son has a looming health crisis), her doctor and other studio folks, but by the time she "takes" her final meeting with the studio, things have become tedious. THEN she sniffs an ampule and everything goes animated!

This looks like a psychedelic acid trip from the 60s and we hear dialogue that sounds the same way! What a bunch of hoohah! The animation is deliberately crude and that cockroach deserves to be squashed. A husband's confession that he voted for Bush, father and son, four times, at least generated a titter from the Seattle screening audience. Is this an allegory about Hollywood? About ageing? About cinema? Our "heroine" is oddly passive, so we really don't care. ...Yawn...
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See what I mean:
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