A Brony Tale

This goofy little documentary is "20% Cooler!" It features Ashley Ball, well-known voice actor best known for her children's cartoon series. Directed by Brent Hodge and submitted by the USA, our screening audience for the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival learned some- thing new.

After visiting a ComiCon convention, a number of "My Little Pony" fans realized that there is a significant adult audience for this cartoon series that promotes Harmony, learning from one's mistakes, helping friends and being less judgmental, so they promptly created a community of fans and called themselves Bronys.

This has grown into its own little world, with international charity works, t-shirts, logos, support groups and a sense of belonging. We saw interviews with a bodybuilder, a guy who competes in tractor pulls, a former National Guardsman (in Iraq by age 20), a biker, a psychologist, an artist and many, many more. This community is overwhelmingly heterosexual, overwhelmingly male with ages that range from 9 to 61, but are mostly in their early 20s.

This is a happy group that doesn't apologize for appreciating a series that is positive and uplifting. I sorta feel the same way.
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Here is the trailer:
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