Dangerous Acts Starring The Unstable Elements of Belarus

This joint venture submitted by the UK, the USA and Belarus (English captions) features the Belarus Free Theatre as they perform uncensored defiant skits which criticize tyranny and KGB raids. It's prohibited in Minsk to sell tickets to their theatre ("illegal economic activity") so it's free. The theatre is often raided but they persist. They communicate with their children and collaborate with distant theatre members via Skype.

Director Madeleine Sackler has taken many risks which record the arrests and detainments of actors and politicians, plus we see their moves to New York City and London for temporary safety nets.

To me, it was interesting how they could stage effective theater in another country that isn't quite mime, yet doesn't depend on language to convey a message. Over 20,000 citizens lost their homes and became refugees during the period immediately after the latest (questionable) presidential election.

Local Minsk joke: "Mr. President, I've got some good news and some bad news, which do you want to hear first?"
Mr. President: "Tell me the good news."
Joke: "You will be our president again."
Mr. President: "And the bad news?"
Joke: "No one voted for you."

This acting company got glowing reviews plus an OBIE in NYC and later made a highly regarded appearance at the theatre festival in Edinburgh; on the other hand, our 2014 Seattle International Film Festival audience was interested, but not enraptured.