Amira & Sam

This World Premiere submitted from the USA to the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival looks at two outsiders who must learn to tolerate one another as one segues back into civilian life and the other has to learn a new country's requirements for citizenship and qualify before being deported. We were ready for a nice romantic comedy, so this was just the ticket!

Writer/director Sean Mullin brings us:
  • Martin Starr is Sam, back from an overseas deployment, returning to a country he scarcely recognizes. His attempt at stand-up comedy is pretty dismal so he is happy to accept a job offer from an old friend. This guy isn't handsome in a classic way, but he is more and more appealing as the movie goes on.
  • Dina Shihabi is Amira, busy selling bootlegged DVDs on a street corner. Threatened with jail and the inevitable deportation, she accepts Sam's offer to hide out in his tiny apartment. Amira is so gorgeous and has such a wacky sense of humor, she is engaging and sexy.
  • Paul Wesley is Charlie, an old friend who offers Sam a sweet deal. It's just that the SEC is investigating him.....
This story is contrived and (sorta) predictable, but both of the leads are people we root for, and to me, that is irresistible. They do one scene squished together in a single bed, fully clothed, that runs, uncut, for over five minutes. It's expertly done, and I salute them! We came out with smiles on our faces.
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Here is a preview:
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