40 Days of Silence

Is that all it was? 40 days? It seemed like waaaaaay more.... The pace is positively glacial!

"Chilla" is a strange entry (North American premiere) from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Netherlands, Germany and France (English captions).

We were spinning in circles as we wondered:
  • Was this a penance? If so for what?
  • Why was she expected to get sick?
  • Was this a religious rite?
  • Which flashback was important?
  • Who were we seeing this time?
  • And some wondered, "What corpse?"
On the other hand, the cinematography was spectacular. I can't find any person's name to credit, so all I can do is rave about:
  • The breathtaking landscapes: monochromatic, serene, and beautifully composed.
  • The flesh tones set in the interiors made me think of the Rembrandt gallery at the Louvre, a soft glow against a dark, muted background.
  • The brilliant use of light and shadow.
Of course it's always interesting to see a different culture and realize that some things never change: Aunt Khamida is a worldly gal, cell phone in hand, strolling around outside the house with her hair uncovered! Shame!