Rigor Mortis

This award-winning entry to the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival (FIPRESCI Prize - Taipei Film Festival 2013; and Special Jury Prize - GĂ©rardmer Film Festival 2013) is from Hong Kong and the USA. With "Geung si" (English captions), director Juno Mak brings us a washed-up actor, dejected and unemployed after a career in horror films.

We are in a public housing tenement building where our hero moves in and promptly tries to hang himself in an apartment that appears to be haunted. One neighbor loves her husband so much she follows instructions to a "T" (including the blood of a virgin) so she can bring him back from an accidental death to become a vampire.

This thing started out with blue vomit and went downhill from there. Judging by the rapes, hangings, stabbings, chokings and other creepy methods of killing that were on display, I think the whole apartment building was haunted!

"Creepy and moody" aren't exactly buzz words for Yours Truly, so all I could do was bite the bullet and sit through 103 minutes of this drek. By the time this misery was over, I too, had become washed up and dejected...although a couple of audience members "loved it" ...to my astonishment!

What can I say.... YOYO (You're On Your Own)                                          
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Here is the trailer:
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