To me, movie-going is funded with discretionary money. That means I don't HAVE to spend it; consequently I would NEVER spend my money on something I find disgusting, insulting or ludicrous. The 40th Anniversary 2014 Seattle International Film Festival hosts the World Premiere of this chiller from the USA. The catalog describes this as "phantasmagoric" in the "stylistic mix of giallo and Hammer horror..." whatever THAT means. Let's see if this helps.

Depending on your point of view, you will either find the following irresistible or something you can do without. Personally, I can do without:
  • A lame script
  • Cheesy special effects
  • Poor sound
  • Sloppy editing
  • Goofy makeup (false eyelashes worn to bed)
  • Green (and bloody) teeth
  • Endless flickering and pulsating images
  • Bad pacing
  • Terrible acting (I think the actresses got the giggles)
  • A quasi-Ku Klux Klan group clad in black hoods and robes
  • Endless crucifixes and claims to be Jesus
I had to smile at the furtive "Second Act Sneak" as various audience members quietly stole away long before the final frame.

I'm surprised to see none of the following screenings are for the Midnight Horror Film Fans!