Yo Tambien

"Me Too" is a skillfully scripted award-winning entry at the 2010 Seattle International Film Festival. In fact, this entry from Spain (with English captions) is SO skillfully scripted I thought for awhile I was watching a documentary about a Down Syndrome facility.

We see caring adults tending their clients, young and old. We see a dance class and an art class. As we become acclimated to the environ- ment, we see a young man being given an orientation tour and assigned his new desk. It is clear that he has been hired to work there and is a well-educated professional, despite our preconceived notions about Down Syndrome and the limitations we expect him to have.

Next we see a rather brassy blonde come dashing to her desk, late and hung over. Our hero assesses her situation but keeps his mouth shut. When a copy machine balks, she comes to his rescue; she even ties his shoe for him. Imagine how she feels later when she learns that he has been tying his own shoes since he was nine!

This film explores the challenges which face a person with 47 chromo- somes when he or she is attracted to a person who has only 46.

This film gives us enough back story to care about the principals and enough humor to keep this from being a drag. I always appreciate that!