Miss Nobody

Here we have a sweet young thang with a heart of coal.

"Miss Nobody" has blended into the woodwork ever since she was a child; she is overjoyed when her promotion is announced, but by the next morning, it has been rescinded. The smooth-talking highbinder who bumped her, now has the nerve to hire her as his secretary! When he wants to "work late," she reads it for what it really is: a pass. She needs the job, so agrees to it. After drinks at his place, she discovers he has a fiancée and in the ensuing tussle, he falls, hits his head and is killed. She gets her promotion after all.

Oh WOW! Is THAT how it's done?

Let me list some of the folks you will see in this black comedy:
  • Lesley Bibb ("Iron Man 2") is the mild-mannered blonde, just trying to make her way in this big bad world.
  • Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns") is the slick fellow who learns his lesson too late.
  • Vivaca A. Fox ("Junkyard Dog") is one of the higher-ups who crosses swords with our heroine.
  • Eddie Jemison (the "Ocean's" franchise) is electrocuted while sitting on a copy machine with his pants down.
  • Kathy Baker ("The Jane Austen Book Club") is our heroine's mother... she sorta runs a boarding house.
  • Adam Goldberg ("Christmas on Mars") is a cop who rents a room in that boarding house.
Big questions: Does crime really pay? Can you really get away with murder? Do you really want that promotion? Hmmm....