Paris Return

This nice little documentary (shot by a nephew) features two men who have been a devoted Parisian couple for decades. One of these guys is a grumpy sort who rarely smiles; the other is a sunny optimist who is ten years younger. Between the two of them, their living dynamics are comfortable and lighthearted.

The older one wants to move back to Israel; he is certain he hasn't much longer to live. The other, an immigrant from Italy, is equally certain that a move this late in life wouldn't be healthy for his partner. They are working on a compromise: continue to live in Paris, but visit Italy and Israel for a few weeks each year.

We follow them through the daily minutiae of living. We see no car chases and no blowie uppie stuff, in fact, their biggest issue is whether or not they should sell their dining room chairs, but we come away feeling that we know them pretty well. This 2010 Seattle International Film Festival entry from Israel has English captions.