The Topp Twins

This musical novelty act has been enormously popular in New Zealand for decades. These identical twins have been entertaining people all their lives and have developed a unique style. In addition, they are funny as the dickens and totally believe in enjoying themselves. Consequently, their audiences enjoy THEMSELVES, too! When they introduced their film at the 2010 Seattle International Film Festival, they talked, sang, took questions and hawked their DVDs. They came out amid the crowd and sang all the way. They are generous with their time and talent and audiences respond wholeheartedly.

These gals do sketch comedy and have an assortment of personas they trot out, e.g., "The Camper's Mother and The Camp Counselor," and a couple of fellas who make wry comments about local news and society in general. One plays the guitar and the other specializes in yodeling. Yup, yodeling! And pretty good, too! They are fearless in both their costumes and their comedy.

They have lived on a farm or an Arabian horse ranch their entire life, so they aren't above donning gingham and big wigs to do a little foot- stompin' music, then they turn around and put on Stetsons and levis to sing ballads. When they wear suits (and moustaches!) the audience goes nuts! They did one tour throughout New Zealand in a brightly painted wooden green wagon pulled by a farm tractor; as they would s-l-o-w-l-y approach a town, people would come out of their homes, stores and offices, then head to the nearest theater or fairgrounds to line up for tickets. The musicians who tour with them are in awe...

They are both in long-term relationships (they are lesbians) and embrace political activism. Seattle LOVES them!