Knight and Day

Ya want action? This thing has ACTION! Gunfights, fistfights, foot races (on rooftops!), car chases, and ambushes. You are on airplanes, cars, trains, speedboats, trucks, helicopters...even a motorcycle during a running of the bulls in Pamplona and some blowie uppie stuff. Great locations? You are in Spain, Austria, East Coast, West Coast, Jamaica, the Midwest, a remote tropical island and in a waterfront warehouse.

This thing is laugh-out-loud silly from beginning to end, and it never, ever takes itself seriously. I think that's why I would call this an Action/Chick Flick. Director James Mangold knows his stuff when it comes to gunfights ("3:10 to Yuma"), romance ("Kate and Leopold"), and dirty cops ("Cop Land"), so we are in good hands from the get go.

Cameron Diaz ("Shrek" and "My Sister's Keeper") has to get to Kansas for her sister's wedding. She bumps into Tom Cruise ("Tropic Thunder" and "Valkyrie") at the airport and ends up on an airliner where she is the only passenger who isn't an assassin. Of course this is too absurd, so she keeps denying that any of it is real while he helps her dodge bullets, escape villains and get to that blasted wedding!

There is no attempt at realism and that is just fine with us! At one point he grabs her in a diner and holds a gun to her head. He yells at the startled customers, "Nobody follow us or I'll kill myself and then her!" When he wounds her former boyfriend he ends up charming the poor guy anyway!

The dialogue is very funny; both Diaz and Cruise are appealing capable stars and they are ably supported by Peter Sarsgaard ("An Education") as an FBI man and Paul Dano ("The Extra Man") as a wacky inventor who is targeted for kidnapping.

Go on....you KNOW you'll enjoy it!