Meet Monica Velour

Adolescence is a period of barely controlled insanity. Adulthood isn't much better. "Meet Monica Velour" proves it!

Kim Cattrall ("Sex and the City" and "The Ghost Writer") is the infamous Monica, a talent-less former porn star gone to seed. Her main fan is a gawky 17-year-old boy from Auburn, Washington, who has collected all her videos, posters, press clippings and publicity items from websites, video stores, yard sales and E-Bay. This goofy kid is played to geeky perfection by Dustin Ingram (lots of TV) whose character is out to prove that love IS blind!

Our hero is the proprietor of a mobile hot-dog vending van; it has a giant hot dog mounted on the roof. His father is a boozy retiree, played by Brian Dennehy (working hard on stage and screen since 1977), who gives his son the keys to the van as a high-school graduation present. The boy instantly lists it on E-Bay and finds a buyer in the mid-West, not too far from the last known address of his dream girl.

Off he goes and our story begins....

This 2010 Seattle International Film Festival entry is well written and capably directed by Keith Bearden. Cattrall certainly is not afraid to depict a less-than-admirable character and our hero perfectly illustrates the nuttiness of adolescence. (But everyone's teeth are too white; they look fake.)