This suspenseful sci-fi features a derelict cargo ship carrying supplies to an idealized planet called "Rhea." A newly hired young doctor has taken this job because she wants to join her sister and her niece some place habitable, as Earth is considered a lost cause.

Our heroine remains on active duty while the rest of the small crew is placed in suspended animation. As they near the end of their journey, she begins to suspect that there might be a stowaway on board.

There are rebels on Earth called Luddites. (...smile...) who think Earth can be saved, but our space ship is already under way. The photography/ CGI is impressive, e.g., humans look like ants as they climb up ladders in the cargo hold. The suspense is palpable as they tentatively search the rusty ship down leaky corridors. The sound is very well matched to the visuals: Thunderous roars of the ship's thrusters, metallic clangs of the hold doors, and gasps in the respirators as they encounter alien con- ditions.

As the evidence mounts, so does the tension. This 2010 Seattle Inter- national Film Festival entry from Switzerland (with English captions) is great!