We open on a bridge in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It's New Year's Eve and a costumed woman is marching to the center of the bridge with a purposeful stride. Her purpose? To JUMP. Then we see a battered young man who tries to stop her.

This is only one of the several stories that intertwine in this wonderful, exciting and funny film submitted to the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival from Ireland and the U.K.

Kieron J. Walsh directed this award-winning film: in it we see a crime boss tell his thugs to punish someone; we see a young woman hide in the ladies room from an angry rival; we see a murder, a theft, a missing corpse, and a ghost.

Through judicious use of flashbacks, we gain insight to all of our players, who they are, why they are where they are, and what they hope to gain by being there. By the time that car radio blasts ear-splitting music at a couple of fugitives, we laugh out loud.

See? I'm not going to tell you anything that may be construed as a spoiler, therefore I really can't say much about this film. It's billed as a giddy mix of crime caper, romance and morality tale. It's rated R because of profanity, but you can expect only a few gunshots, a beating or two and no blowie uppie stuff. I liked it a LOT.
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Catch the flavor from the preview:
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