"Based on a graphic novel" means another comic book-based story. I'm sure you expect subtle nuances and sophisticated philosophizing, but.... In this dystopian setting (of course) we visit the ruins of well-known American landmarks as our hero is sent to finish the eradication of a few survivors who cling to the remnants of Earth after an interplanetary war. The moon has been destroyed and we see the effects of the resulting earthquakes, while aliens "farm" Earth's remaining water. Computer Generated Imaging is used very effectively, although some of this was shot in Iceland, California, New York and Louisiana. The Empire State Building is a critical element.

It is impossible to talk about the plot without revealing important points, so rather than do an entire review that is a spoiler, I'll stay pretty general.

We see:
  • Tom Cruise ("Jack Reacher" and "Rock of Ages") is more appealing than usual; this time he plays the stalwart soldier on assignment to "mop up" any survivors.
  • Morgan Freeman ("Olympus Has Fallen" and "Dolphin Tale"") is one of those survivors trying to avoid being "mopped up."
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ("Headhunters" and "Game of Thrones") is currently my favorite Danish actor. His character is another one of those survivors attempting to remain alive on Earth.
  • Andrea Riseborough ("Disconnect" and "W.E.") is our hero's partner, sharing that mop-up assignment.
  • Olga Kurylenko ("Quantum of Solace" and "Paris je t'aime") is the survivor of a crash, rescued by our hero.
  • Melissa Leo ("The Fighter" and "Flight") is the Commander's voice and face on the communications screen, issuing orders to our mop-up crew.
Pay close attention to the plot, as it is satisfactorily complex. I liked one "sink hole" that turned out to be the ruins of the New York City Library. Please note that this cast has been assembled in keeping with Tom Cruise's international stardom. His movies are successful throughout the world and his fans are kept in mind when his movies are cast. This is a good one for him.

This is rated PG-13, so expect lots and lots (and LOTS!) of gunfire, no sweaty bodies, a couple of swear words, and nudity only alluded to, but the crux of the story is a "mind-wipe" that erases memory, so I repeat, pay close attention.
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This trailer will give you the flavor:
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