Is Felipe Martinez Amador the Columbian version of our home-grown Coen brothers? This black comedy contains numerous laugh-out-loud moments and hits all its marks! I can't wait for the Coens to make an American version of this 2007 Comedy/Thriller, although the English captions are right on the mark.

A young man catches his girlfriend having sex with his boss. The boss fires him to get him out of the way and marries the girl. A year later, our young hero photographs that former boss having a fling with a new girl- friend. Intent on blackmail, he is floored when, instead of being black- mailed, that former boss offers him a significant amount of money to kill his current wife (that former girlfriend)! Got that straight?

Watch these folks:
  • Federico Lorusso is Nicolás, our frantic hero. Nothing goes right for this poor bungling bozo and he shares his misery with us as he routinely drops the fourth wall and talks directly to us.
  • Victor Mallarino is Pablo Mallarino, that cagey boss. He isn't exactly mean, but he is self-serving.
  • Catalina Aristizábal is a disenchanted Margarita, our hero's former girlfriend and the boss's soon-to-be former wife.
  • Carolina Gomez is a frustrated Alexandra, the boss's latest girlfriend; she's leaving for Peru...or Madrid...or somewhere....
  • Verónica Orozco is Rosemary, our hero's landlady; she seems to have a little side business, too...
  • Luis Eduardo Arango is the puzzled Walter Montes, a married police captain who has been having a fling with that landlady.
  • Felipe Botero is the much put-upon Perez, a better-than-average cop but he's handicapped by his boss, who has something to hide.
There is something so engaging to watch an amateur try to commit a crime when his only preparation is that he has watched "CSI" on TV. Just remember, every single person involved has his or her own agenda! (And you'll LOVE the gun!)

I ordered this DVD from the Seattle library, but bought my own copy from Amazon.