Gimme the Loot

Although the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival catalog calls this "a charming crowd pleaser," this crowd member wasn't charmed. It is listed as a Crime/Drama, but it was more a comedy of errors! (This review was first posted May 14, 2012 so a few of you have seen this before.)

A pair of two-bit chiselers fancy themselves graffiti artists (using stolen paint), but by morning other taggers spray paint over their artwork. BTW this is an Alpha-male method of "marking territory." If you doubt it, ask a gang member to paint OVER a tag left by the gang leader. It will never happen! This behavior is not limited to tomcats, dogs, wolves or coyotes, it's an instinctive human one, too. Does anyone remember "Kilroy Was Here" in WWII? (Ask your grandparents! ....smile...)

In this lame little endeavor, our three principals are:
  • Ty Hickson ("Killer") as an inept drug dealer, would-be lover, out- tagged tagger and general loser. I couldn't find anything about this guy to root for. He spends most of the film in his sock feet simply because a "friend" took his shoes.
  • Tashiana Washington ("Gun Hill Road") as our "hero's" sidekick; she is just marginally smarter than he. For example, in the first half hour of the film she is robbed at least two times...three total for the day. Rough day!
  • ZoĆ« Lescaze ("Undoing") as his customer; it was interesting to note that despite her chronic drug use, she runs regularly. I guess her health IS important to her!
Much of this movie feels ad libbed, with constant profanity-laced bickering between our two principals and some herky jerky hand-held camera work. Expect lots of drug use, no gunshots or blowie uppie stuff and only a bit of foreplay. (I needed subtitles to understand a lot of the squabbling.)

This won the 2012 SXSW Competition Award: Grand Jury for Best Narrative Feature, so the good folks in Austin saw something that went right over my head!
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Here is a preview:
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