Frances Ha

Okay, first of all, let me concede that Greta Gerwig is a talented young lady. She writes and acts, she works all the time and she should play Chloƫ Sevigny's sister in the near future. They definitely look related!

Now let me tell you about this 2013 Seattle International Film Festival entry from the USA. One of my most fundamental requirements for a movie is that I want someone to root for. No such luck in this one! Here we have a young woman who seems fixated on another young woman but they fight all the time when they are roommates. She pretends to be a dancer but can't dance, pleads poverty even though her parents seem to be supporting her, and generally upsets everyone who meets her.

We have:
  • Greta Gerwig ("Lola Versus") is Frances, needy, clinging, mendacious, selfish and manipulative. She is tone deaf to the folks around her; oblivious to how they react to her boring conversations; spends (her parents') money like it is water; and doesn't understand why life isn't treating her well.
  • Mickey Sumner ("Girl Most Likely") is Sophie, her erstwhile best friend who really doesn't like her anymore.
  • Adam Driver ("Lincoln") is Lev, who suggests the best way to leave his apartment, but she moves in anyway, with him and his roommate (she rarely pays rent).
  • Michael Zengen (Lots of TV) is Benji, the roommate who accommodates our unpleasant heroine when she is without a place to stay.
Our screening audience just shook our collective head when we exited the theater. Even though this R-rated black and white flick was a great favorite at Sundance, it won't win any prizes for Director Noah Baumbach in MY book!
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