Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This goofy, over-the-top actioner is first of all, enjoyable, and second, a nice improvement in Computer Generated Imaging. Even though we know apes were not used in the making of this film, some of them seem authentic and we certainly feel sympathy and concern for them. The humans are well represented: some are gentle and considerate, while others...not so much...

These humans were not harmed in the making of this film:
  • James Franco ("127 Hours") is a geneticist trying to develop a cure for Alzheimer's, which has struck his father; it's being tested on primates. Franco is an intelligent and humane scientist who hasn't anticipated other humans' errors.
  • John Lithgow ("Leap Year") is his father. I think Lithgow plays his own piano in this one. The guy is amazing.
  • Andy Serkis ("Lord of the Rings") is Caesar, the offspring of an experiment which eventually lands him in a cruelly run shelter for primates. Using Motion Capture technology, Serkis plays non- humans exceedingly well; he was Gollum in the Rings franchise.
  • David Oyelowo ("The Help") runs the corporation that employs Franco.
  • Brian Cox ("Red") manages that cruelly run shelter for primates.
  • Tom Felton ("Harry Potter") provides the cruelty at the shelter.
  • Freida Pinto ("Slumdog Millionaire") is a veterinarian who tends Caesar when he is hurt. She is one of the most beautiful women in movies today.
Once you've suspended disbelief, just relax and enjoy this bit of PG-13 diversion. One caveat: DO NOT LEAVE until you have seen the graphics interspersed with the final credits. They will shed a LOT of light on this movie's title.

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Here is a preview:
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