The Change-Up

Let me get this out of the way first, okay? If you go to this vulgar R-Rated (very) adult comedy, you will be subjected to a shocking amount of nudity, flatulence, projectile defecation (yeah, you read that right!) and profanity. If those aren't deal breakers, you will see a terrifically well- directed comedy with appealing stars, a hysterical but heart-warming script and excellent acting.

This was waaay better than I expected.... Primarily because of these actors:
  • Jason Bateman ("Horrible Bosses") is a happily married work- aholic with a wife and three children. He has been determinedly upwardly mobile since childhood but he sometimes covets his bachelor friend's unfettered life.
  • Ryan Reynolds ("The Proposal") is a happily single swinger and (sometimes) actor who lives a life of recreational drugs, drinks and dames. There are times he envies his long-time best friend for his family, job, and stability.
  • Leslie Mann ("Funny People") is the wife who is struggling to accept that she and her family come AFTER her husband's job. Mann does a terrific scene with Reynolds, not realizing she is really talking to her husband.
  • Olivia Wilde ("Cowboys & Aliens") is a recently hired lawyer at Bateman's law firm. She is smart, sexy and single. I think this is Wilde's best movie so far.
  • Alan Arkin ("City Island") is our bachelor's father, getting married ...again... He despairs of his son ever finishing anything he starts, but he loves him anyway.
These fellows make a drunken wish to swap lives and to their dismay, it happens. Each guy frantically tries not to derail his best friend's life, with unexpected results. This movie is predictable in an unpredictable sort of way, but both Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde surprised me with the excel- lence of their work; I already knew Bateman and Reynolds were good.

Brace yourself for Hollywood's ramped-up version of a contemporary comedy...you might enjoy it...

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