Chaos Theory

A couple of years ago, a movie called "Chaos Theory" was recom- mended to me but I couldn't find it at the library or in the catalogs. Now that I found this one from Canada, I am having second thoughts because there are at least five movies by that name released since 2000. I can only hope this 2008 release, which stars Ryan Reynolds, is the one my friend had in mind.

Filmed during Reynolds' steady ascent to A-List status, he flawlessly inhabits a character who is more than a little ADD. This guy is a time- management expert who has a successful career as an author and a lecturer. His wife has a more cavalier attitude about time, consequently she causes him to miss his ferry ride, which sets off a series of events which irrevocably change their lives.

Here are the principal players:
  • Ryan Reynolds ("The Proposal" and "Green Lantern") is our overly organized maker of lists. By the time he embraces chaos, he is seriously off track.
  • Emily Mortimer ("Match Point" and "Lars and the Real Girl") is his impatient wife. She would like more spontaneity in their marriage.
  • Stuart Townsend ("The Best Man" and "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen") is a long-time friend of both.
  • Matreya Fedor (lots of TV) is their nine-year-old daughter...smile...
By the time our hero buys a shotgun, I was actively involved in this script and had my fingers crossed. There are no bad guys here, although I really WANTED to dislike one or two...for awhile, anyway.

Check out your library or Netflix. This one is pretty good....

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Here's a link to a trailer:
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