Our Idiot Brother

Bulbs don't come much dimmer than Paul Rudd's character, but he is sweet and totally without guile; consequently he is a social disaster because he tells the truth! This R-rated comedy isn't as racy as other recent Paul Rudd comedies ("I Love You, Man" and "How Do You Know").

In fact, I was impressed by the quality of this outstanding ensemble:
  • Paul Rudd ("Clueless") is the goodhearted catastrophe who talks his way INTO jail. His love for his dog, Willie Nelson, is far greater than his feelings for his former girlfriend.
  • Elizabeth Banks ("The Next Three Days") is his ambitious sister, who doesn't hesitate to break journalistic "off the record" rules.
  • Emily Mortimer ("Shutter Island") is his not-so-ambitious sister, focused on her two children and neglected by her husband.
  • Zooey Deschanel ("Your Highness") is his (mostly) lesbian (sorta pregnant) sister.
  • Rashida Jones ("Cop Out") is her significant other, busy with her legal career but willing to help him get his dog back.
  • Kathryn Hahn ("Revolutionary Road") is an organic farmer who gets into the custody battle over Willie Nelson.
  • Steve Coogan ("The Other Guys") is a philandering brother-in-law who has to be nude while photographing a ballet dancer to help her relax.
  • Hugh Dancy ("The Jane Austen Book Club") throws a monkey wrench (...smile...) into the lesbian relationship. Initially, I mistook him for Justin Timberlake.
It's fun to watch people have their less-than-admirable traits exposed by a guy who is trying as hard as he can to help everyone keep their secrets.

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Here's a link to a trailer:
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