30 Minutes or Less

This R (for Raunchy)-rated action/comedy is aimed directly at the 25- year-old male... the sort of guy who might deliver pizzas. If you took out all the f-words from the script, this 83-minute movie might be cut down to "30 Minutes or Less." ...smile...

If you've seen the trailers, you know a pizza-delivery guy gets a bomb strapped to his chest and is ordered to rob a bank and deliver the money to a would-be assassin in order to get the code which disarms it. The results of course, are frantic, foul-mouthed and funny, but I appreciated the way they fought: slaps, pushes, grabs, none of this unrealistic fist-to-the-jawbone stuff that we see so often.

Here are some of the familiar faces:
  • Jesse Eisenberg ("The Social Network") is the hapless delivery guy, who grows more frantic by the minute. He isn't stupid, he has just never had to focus before.
  • Aziz Ansari ("Community") is our hero's best friend, a school teacher whose long-term friendship is really put to the test.
  • Danny McBride ("Your Highness") is a nasty piece of work: a selfish slacker who is impatient for his father to die so he can inherit the money to build a "full service" tanning salon.
  • Fred Ward ("Farewell") is the father of the slacker, a retired military man completely out of patience with his worthless son.
  • Nick Swardson ("Just Go with It") is the slacker's sidekick, an explosives expert and loyal friend.
  • Michael Peña ("The Lincoln Lawyer") is the hired assassin, who bolsters his courage by telling himself "You are a pimp! You are a pimp!"
It was fun to hear the audience of young adults enjoy themselves and it was nice to have a movie with someone to root for. Eisenberg seems to have an engaging sort of persona and we always like him. I laughed out loud when he yelled at a policeman, "You just brought a gun to a bomb fight! Drop your weapon!"

No nudity, but lots of vulgar language and gunshots; very little blowie uppie stuff, although there IS a flamethrower. Proceed at your own risk.

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Here is a link to a preview:
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