Cowboys and Aliens

When I see nine (9!) screen-writers, it makes me nervous, but DREAM- WORKS pulls it off. Of course with Jon Favreau ("Iron Man") directing, how could they miss?

We have a cast full of Alpha males, snorting and stomping; mind- boggling amounts of Computer Generated blowie uppie stuff; and all the standard Western clich├ęs.

Here is part of our cast of hundreds:
  • Harrison Ford ("Indiana Jones" franchise) in full curmudgeon mode, is Woodrow Dolarhyde, the classic successful rancher with a bunch of ranch hands who look like henchmen, a worthless son, and most of the funny lines.
  • Daniel Craig ("James Bond" franchise) is Jake Lonergan, a stony- faced lonesome stranger who is suffering from amnesia, an over- dose of testosterone, and a checkered past. Oh...and he has this odd gizmo attached to his wrist...
  • Olivia Wilde ("House") is Ella Swenson, our third blue-eyed lead, who plays another lonesome stranger; this gal seems to have information the rest of them need.
  • Paul Dano ("There Will be Blood") is Percy, Dolarhyde's craven son: spoiled, impetuous and greedy. He's a showoff, too.
  • Adam Beach ("Combat Hospital") is Cal Colorado, the half-breed who works for Dolarhyde; he always wanted to fight alongside his boss. He serves as a translator for the Native Americans who show up.
  • Keith Carradine ("The Family Tree") is John Taggart, the besieged sheriff. His first contact with the aliens is up close and personal.
  • Sam Rockwell ("Moon") is Doc, the peaceful bartender. His wife is one of the first abductees so he HAS to learn how to shoot a gun! Rockwell always improves the quality of a cast.
In the Family of Man, you can always expect a few squabbles, but when a stranger turns up in the neighborhood, isn't it time to stick together?

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Here is a link to a preview:
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