If Cupid isn't around when you need him, who ya gonna call? A zoo full of animals, that's who. We are talking about a Zookeeper surrounded by animatronic animals who become life coaches trying to help their favorite human win the woman of his dreams.

We watch:
  • Kevin James ("Grown Ups") is the oafish but good-hearted fellow who has been rejected and humiliated by...
  • Leslie Bibb ("Iron Man 2"), who is self-centered and heartless, unlike...
  • Rosario Dawson ("Eagle Eye"), who we instantly see is the perfect match.
  • Ken Jeong ("The Hangover") mostly repeats the repulsive jokes that we expect from him, while...
  • Donnie Wahlberg (lots of TV) is the villain.
This one is mostly for Kevin James fans. Not having ever watched "The King of Queens" on TV, I'm not one of them. I don't dislike him, but was startled by the moderate success of his earlier movies "The Dilemma" and "Mall Cop."

This PG movie is probably best seen by 12-year-old tweens, although they may find some of the relationship stuff a bit tedious. Of course the message is "Be true to yourself," so it's mostly harmless.

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