Captain America: The First Avenger

Remember that 97-pound weakling who always gets sand kicked in his face? Well, in this movie scientists change him into a big manly man because he respects strength, unlike guys who have always been strong. We see that our hero may be scrawny, but he's brave, patriotic and tenacious..the very traits those scientists are looking for.

It's a challenge to find a politically correct villain, so Nazis, lacking their own anti-defamation league, are a handy target for this Marvel Comics- based 3D CGI fest. Get ready for storm troopers, vintage warfare, Stealth bombers (?!) and LOTS of blowie uppie stuff.

Let's look at the troops:
  • Chris Evans ("The Nanny Diaries" the Harvard Hottie) seems so darned LIKABLE! He is a perfect Captain America, object of derision, exploitation and ultimately, adulation.
  • Hayley Atwell ("The Duchess" the Other Woman) can run with WWII troops and shoot a machine gun without wearing a helmet, which would muss her hair.
  • Tommy Lee Jones ("The Company Men" the crabby guy) is a skeptical Army top kick with all the funny lines.
  • Stanley Tucci ("Burlesque" Cher's loyal sidekick) is the wise scientist who selects our 97-pound weakling.
  • Derek Luke ("Antwone Fisher" he was Antwone) is one of our hero's loyal cadre of troopers.
  • Samuel L. Jackson ("Thor" he was the surprise cameo at the end) is once again the surprise cameo at the end.
  • Dominic Cooper ("Mamma Mia!" he was the callow bridegroom) his character founded Stark Enterprises: he's Iron Man's father!
  • Hugo Weaving ("The Matrix" the villain) is, once again, a dastardly power monger who even out-Hitlers Hitler.
  • Toby Jones ("Infamous" he was Truman Capote) is the villain's toady.
I was impressed by the seamless CGI integration of our hero's head on a puny adolescent body at the beginning of the film. The story is involving but not complicated; the language is PG-13 and often funny; there are no sweaty bodies or car chases; but I only ducked once, so to me, the 3D is optional.

I enjoy seeing characters from other Marvel Comics who appear here, and the final scene is a blatant setup for the next chapter of this fledgling franchise.

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Here is a link to a preview:
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